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In September 2017, Randy Stafford walked into a public forum of the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority (JPPHA), prepared to ask several questions about the public safety and environmental impacts of the future toll road that will run through northwest Arvada.

Those questions would lead him to months of presentations, discussions and plans — and, naturally, more questions — after that first meeting prompted Stafford to apply for the Jefferson Parkway Advisory Committee (JPAC).

“I decided on the spur of the moment, ‘I’m going to be on this committee,’” he said. “And the reason I was applying was public safety.”

JPAC was a committee of community members, formed by the JPPHA, to give feedback on parkway plans. JPAC’s work culminated with official recommendations made to the JPPHA board in November 2018.

Stafford’s concerns — which include environmental changes and plutonium contamination along the portion of the parkway next to Rocky Flats — echo the concerns of some in the Jefferson County community. Those community members question what the coming construction and permanent parkway will mean for nearby citizens, wildlife and future generations.

Effects of a roadway
For Colorado State University Professor Emeritus David Hendricks, who lives near 80th Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard, the Jefferson Parkway represents “an irreversible change in the environment,” he said.

“The freeway will permanently mar the present incomparable scenic vistas, as seen, for example, while driving C-93,” he said. “Such mountain views are unique to Colorado and a major reason that people are attracted to our environment.”

To be sure, views in Arvada will change near the highway, which will be four lanes wide and roughly 10 miles long.

But the proponents and planners behind the parkway have stood by its location, saying a purpose of the road is to fill in the last remaining gap of the beltway that loops around the Denver area.

One parkway planner, David Jones, an Arvada city councilmember and chairman of the JPPHA board, acknowledged the potential landscape changes the parkway will bring — he’ll be able to see the parkway from his backyard in Leyden Rock, he said. But for him, the benefits of the location warrant the change.

“It will help to move traffic around the city, and it’s a piece of the puzzle that needs to be completed,” he said.

He added that the board has taken JPAC recommendations, including requiring sound and light mitigation along the part of the road near Leyden Rock, to address citizens’ concerns.

Jones’ neighbors will likewise find themselves living on the edge of the parkway, with some of their houses less than 200 feet from the road, according to a calculation by Leyden Rock resident Brett Vernon based on a map of the proposed parkway.

An update on the City and County of Broomfield’s website on Sept. 1 indicated that the construction of the Jefferson Parkway — which earlier this year seemed to be on the horizon — is farther away than anticipated.

The post went up days after the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority (JPPHA) alerted the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to its findings that some soil in the parkway’s planned route tested for elevated levels of plutonium.

“Given the recent test results and the (Broomfield) Council’s feedback, the Parkway is not moving forward at this time,” the statement reads.

The finding was part of a soil study the JPPHA launched in May, which was driven by several factors, including community member concerns about the road’s proposed path near the former Rocky Flats site. Community groups Rocky Flats Right to Know, the Rocky Flats Downwinders and others have worried that the toll road’s construction will stir up plutonium buried near the site, putting nearby citizens at higher risk of developing cancer.

Because of these health concerns, Broomfield City Council members planned to hold a discussion and vote on whether to continue the city’s membership in the JPPHA and fund roughly $2 million extra requested for the project this year. Broomfield is one of three JPPHA members, along with the City of Arvada and Jefferson County.

Broomfield had tentatively scheduled its decision for September. However, plans changed after the discovery of a potential plutonium hotspot along Indiana Street.

“The soil sample was no surprise to me. Plutonium doesn’t go away,” said Bonnie Graham-Reed with Rocky Flats Right to Know. Areas surrounding Rocky Flats, like Indiana Street, were “never `cleaned up’ – there was no cleanup, except at the actual plant site.”

In its update, Broomfield said the discussion will not occur this month as the city awaits more information about plutonium levels in the area.

“There are no on-going activities to further the selection of a private partner for the Jefferson Parkway,” the statement said, which goes on to say that the city has no scheduled ordinances nor resolutions regarding the parkway, aside from possible financial support for more testing.

Looming city election

The delay represents just one link in a chain reaction of setbacks: though the JPPHA had aimed to select a private partner to run the road this summer, the authority has waited on Broomfield’s decision; and though Broomfield had wanted to make its decision in September, the council has postponed discussion until the JPPHA’s soil sampling test is complete.

Broomfield Mayor Randy Ahrens holds the decision “was directly related to wanting to get better data” on the soil samples, disputing the claim that the delay had anything to do with the upcoming election.

But some opponents, such as Jeff Staniszewski and those in his group, the Movement to Stop Jefferson Parkway, question the timing of the Broomfield delay.

“We believe the Broomfield City Council would have voted down the appropriation (of the additional $2 million),” he said. “The mayor has pulled the proposal for the time being knowing the November elections might result in a Jefferson-Parkway-friendly city council.”

Mayor Ahrens disputes such a motivation.

“I’ve heard that a few times and find the claim nonsensical,” Ahrens said. “Now that we have experienced an anomaly, we are looking for guidance from the CDHPE after the test results are presented.”

As for when that might be, the analysis of every sample — there are more than 200 — “will not be completed until late this year,” said Bill Ray, the executive director of the JPPHA. “The lab can only process 40 samples at a time and the analysis takes at least three weeks.”

In a public statement, Ray said that, even with recent events, “the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority Board of Directors has taken no action to change its approach to next steps with the Parkway. After the Board has the results of all samples and received appropriate direction from CDPHE, it will determine next steps for the highway and its process of selecting a contractor.”

Brett Vernon, founder of community group Neighbors of the Parkway, said that many may find the situation and plutonium discovery troubling, himself and his fellow group members included.

However, to him, time will ultimately tell whether the plans are safe or not, he said.

“The JPPHA has stated that the health of the community is paramount, and so far their actions are fully supportive of that statement,” he said. “Utilization of independent experts will be important to (ensure) that environmental concerns related to Rocky Flats are understood.”

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Joseph Louis Neal, a 39-year-old black man, died Sunday, May 20, after he was shot in the 8500 block of Cimarron Street in Manchester Square, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records.

About 10:30 p.m. on May 19, Neal along with a group of more than 30 people, were gathered at a car wash and strip mall at a candlelight vigil for a person who died in federal prison of natural causes, said Los Angeles Police Det. Chris Barling.

A dark-colored sedan approached, driving north on Cimarron Street from Manchester Avenue, and a person fired multiple rounds, striking Neal and Shauntrell Darnell Matthews Jr., 21, Barling said.

The car continued north, police said. Neal was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 4:16 a.m. the next day. Matthews was pronounced dead at 10:38 p.m. at the scene, according to coroner’s records.Louis Neal Jersey For Sale

Investigators are looking into whether a gang in the area may have targeted the group because they assumed the group was part of a rival gang, Barling said. The vigil being held was for a gang member, officials said.

Anyone with information is asked to call detectives at (323) 786-5113. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.

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POCATELLO, Idaho — Several Pocatello residents say they’ve had unauthorized funds taken from their bank accounts — after the city’s billing system was hacked.

The Idaho State Journal reports Pocatello police say several people who pay their municipal utility bills online with a debit or credit card have reported losses ranging from thirty dollars to thousands of dollars.

Pocatello city spokesman Logan McDougall says the city is working with its billing system vendor, Click2Gov, to investigate the matter.

Police Sgt. Brian McClure says police discovered the security breach when they noticed similar unauthorized payments from California, while investigating several fraud cases.

City officials won’t release details of the timeline of the hack, citing the ongoing investigation. In a prepared statement, city officials said they are working with the contractor and cybersecurity experts to determine the scope of the hack.

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For almost two decades, the fledgling desert city of Phoenix boasted one major league sports franchise. To the surprise of many, the National Basketball Association granted a 1968-69 expansion franchise to Phoenix, a city whose population hovered around 500,000.

The Suns were born. The St. Louis Cardinals of the NFL moved west in 1988.

You may not know this, but the Cardinals weren’t Arizona’s first pro football franchise. Neither were the Arizona Rattlers of the Arena Football League.

That distinction belongs to the Arizona Wranglers of the United States Football League, who were born under uncertain conditions in the summer of 1982.

On the 35th anniversary of the first pro football game played by an Arizona franchise, here’s a look back at that tumultuous inaugural 1983 season for the Wranglers told by some of the men who participated in it.

Owner Jim Joseph and partner Tad Taube had planned to field a franchise in the Bay Area. Taube became more active in the process while Joseph took a back seat. The pairing split, with each owner ending up getting a USFL franchise, and it was Taube who won the rights to the Bay Area franchise in the most democratic way possible — a dice game.

How did our founder, Tad Taube, become the owner of the USFL Oakland Invaders? By winning the rights to the Bay Area’s USFL franchise in a dice game with USFL co-founder Jim Joseph. Yes, a game of dice. #football #Oakland #USFL #OaklandInvaders

— Taube Philanthropies (@TaubePhilanthro) December 22, 2017

As the loser of the game, Joseph chose the Los Angeles market, but that wasn’t to be either, thanks to San Diego-based franchise owners Bill Daniels and Alan Harmon.

Jeff Munn, Sports Reporter for KNIX radio: “The owners of the San Diego franchise were big into cable TV, so the league decided let’s give them the L.A. franchise because it’ll be better for them to be in L.A. Jim Joseph, who owned the L.A. franchise, decided to come here instead of going to San Diego — where the operators of Jack Murphy Stadium were difficult to negotiate with about facility usage.”

The league approved the move of the franchise to Phoenix in August of 1982.

So Phoenix finally landed a team. Sure, it wasn’t part of the original plan — or the backup plan, for that matter — but it was part of the 12-team league, nonetheless.

Munn: “This market was so desperate for pro football, when it was announced they were coming, mostly everybody was doing back flips over it. There were those of us who realized this is not the NFL. They had staged preseason games at Sun Devil Stadium and you realized this is not the top level of pro football, but it was a national league with national TV contracts. Everything about the Wranglers was behind schedule.”

The Arizona franchise finally got a name a month later. In September of 1982, the Wranglers were officially born when 30-year-old Adrienne Hogate’s entry was chosen by Mayor Margaret Hance from over 20,000 entrants in the contest. In a poll conducted by the Arizona Republic, the name “Rattlers” actually received the most votes from readers, edging out “Scorpions.”

Hogate (to the Republic in 1982): “I tried to think of something connected with Arizona. I thought of cowboys, but Dallas already had the Cowboys.”

So they had a name. In late October, Joseph picked a flaming branding iron with a bold ‘W’ as the team’s logo.

Now there was just that little matter of building the roster.

Player Acquisition
The inaugural USFL Draft was held January 4-5, 1983.

Not deterred by the stronger, more established NFL, general managers around the league began selecting big-name players. With the first overall selection, the Los Angeles Express took Pittsburgh quarterback Dan Marino.

The Wranglers, following a trade with the Chicago Blitz, owned the sixth overall selection and took SMU running back Eric Dickerson, who had run for 3,045 yards and 36 touchdowns over his last two college seasons. Dickerson had teamed with Craig James (picked fourth overall by the Washington Federals) to form the record-setting “Pony Express” backfield for the Mustangs.

Now, the only question was whether or not the thrifty Wranglers would be able to lure Dickerson to the desert before the NFL Draft was to take place four months later.

Eric Dickerson, Wranglers draft selection: “I was disappointed that I was the sixth overall pick. I remember thinking ‘I’m better than that.’ I didn’t know anything about Arizona at all. I’d never been to Arizona ever.”

That would change.

Dickerson: “I came there for a press conference after draft day.”

Munn: “They brought him to town for a press conference and we were all standing in the room going ‘this guy is not signing here.’ We didn’t know where he would go but we knew he’d be a top three-or-four pick in the NFL. You just thought, there’s no way. The press conference, for those in the media, in the back of our minds, was kind of a farce. Yeah, it’s great that you brought him here, but he’s gonna sign with the NFL.”

That prevailing thought didn’t stop Joseph from trying to land the big fish. According to reports, the Wranglers offered Dickerson a five-year, $5 million contract with base salaries of $200,000 per year and the other $4 million deferred over the next 27 years.

Not surprisingly, Dickerson’s agent, Jack Mills scoffed. “It’s not like Eric doesn’t have someplace else to go,” he said, referring to the NFL Draft in April.

Dickerson says his mind wasn’t made up by the money — or lack thereof — offered by Joseph and the Wranglers.

Dickerson: “It was all new to me. The only thing that I recall was that my great Aunt that raised me, I told her that Arizona had drafted me. She didn’t like football. She said, ‘I don’t like that sport, Eric.’ I asked her which one should I go to. Should I go to the USFL or the NFL? I will never forget her answer. She said ‘let me ask you a question — which one has been around longer?’ I said ‘the NFL.’ She said ‘go to that one. That other one ain’t gonna be around.’ That made my decision for me right there. Honestly, I never gave it another thought.”

Dickerson was selected by the Los Angeles Rams with the second overall pick of the NFL Draft. He went on to a Hall-of-Fame career that spanned 12 years with four teams and still holds the single-season league record with 2,105 rushing yards.

(AP Photo/Gary Ambrose)

If Dickerson had given another thought, that would have been squelched by the record-setting contract the New Jersey Generals gave Georgia’s Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker — a $5 million pact that ran for three years — a deal that dwarfed the contract of the NFL’s highest-paid running back, Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears.

Former Georgia football player Herschel Walker holds up his new jersey at a press conference in Orlando, Fla., Feb. 26, 1983. Walker joined the New Jersey Generals of the USFL and worked out for the first time at their spring camp at the University of Central Florida. (AP Photo/Ron Lindsey)

Even though Dickerson never wore the colors of the Wranglers, there may have been reports of him being sighted at training camp in February of 1983.

Tony Neely, Defensive Back: “It’s funny, because when I signed and I came into training camp, a lot of people thought I was Dickerson. I had the glasses back then and I had a lot more hair then. I was like, ‘no, I’m not Eric.’”

Neil Balholm, Wide Receiver: “I remember thinking ‘wow, that would be awesome if he came here.’ But around the team, it never really got that deep into what was happening.”

In total, the Wranglers chose 23 players in the regular portion of the draft, including a player who had made a bit of a name for himself by leading LSU to the Orange Bowl following the 1982 season.

Alan Risher, Quarterback: “I started in the Senior Bowl. I had some credentials, but from what I was hearing, the underlying scenario was that if I was drafted (by the NFL) — and back then, they still had 12 or 13 rounds — I was going to be a late-round pick and somebody might take a shot on me. It wasn’t anything that I was hanging my hat on.”
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The Wranglers nabbed Risher in the 15th round.

Risher: “I’ll be honest — I didn’t even know I got drafted by the Wranglers until I picked up the paper and said ‘huh, I got drafted by the Wranglers.’”

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It’s time! As The Black Dahlia Murder finished their mini-tour opening for Meshuggah, as well as some festival dates, they are now hunkering down and writing and recording a new album.

Guitarist Brian Eschbach confirmed the news in a recent interview with Heavy New York saying:

“We’re writing new music now, and we’re heading into the studio this summer. We’re excited to present some more stuff soon. I don’t think it will have too much to do with the last album, other than it’s the same band playing it. It’s not, like, a sequel or anything like that — just some more Black Dahlia Murder songs.”

Brian also confirmed that guitarist Brandon Ellis will be contributing more to the writing, as he did on 2017′s Nightbringers:

“He brought songs to the table last time, and he’s brought songs to the table for the next album too — great stuff. It’s an honor to work with him. He’s a very creative dude and definitely gets what the band’s all about… he just gets it. Everything he writes, he knows what The Black Dahlia Murder sound is. It’s always cool to have a good writing partner that gets what the original mission statement of the band is.”

As for if the music will have any experimentation or stick to the signature Black Dahlia sound, Brian stated:

“It’s never really like a conscious efforts to try to do something different or stay the same. I know it’s the same for Brandon as it is for me — we just play with our guitars and mess around until something sounds cool, and [there's] an idea that’s worth fleshing out and seeing what will be the next part and the part after that. We’re not really strategic about it – it just kind of happens. We don’t start writing songs with a goal in mind… It’s not thought-about like that.”

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LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Shoppers are cutting it down to the wire when it comes to buying those last minute groceries or gifts for the holidays.

With all employees on board, Nichol’s Supermarket in Liverpool was ready to handle all of the chaos while many shoppers were grabbing those final ingredients to put on the table.

“Every Christmas Eve, we’re all on deck,” said Gabrielle Giamartino, a 7-year Nichol’s employee.

“It makes me feel great as long as I can keep up with the hustle and bustle, which I can,” said Mike Hennigan, owner of Nichol’s Supermarket.

“It’s fun, I love when it gets busy. You know, I love the chaos,” said Giamartino.

Lots of hustle and bustle at Nichol’s Supermarket in Liverpool on Christmas Eve! Shoppers trying to buy their fresh groceries to put on the table tonight and tomorrow! #LocalSYR #SYR @NewsChannel9

— Adrienne Smith (@AdrienneSmithTV) December 24, 2019
But what’s the reason behind so many waiting up until the final hours to grocery shop? The freshest ingredients!

“I think the main thing that people are buying is fresh product. You can’t buy the produce too far ahead, you can’t buy your deli product too far ahead. You certainly can’t buy your fresh meats too far ahead. So, yesterday and today that seems to be the main focus, as it is with customers every year on the 23rd and 24th,” explained Hennigan.

Mike Hennigan, owner of Nichol’s Supermarket in Liverpool, enjoying the hustle and bustle that comes along with last minute holiday grocery shopping!
Coming up @NewsChannel9, I’ll explain how the store prepared and if they had a busy outcome. ️#LocalSYR #SYR

— Adrienne Smith (@AdrienneSmithTV) December 24, 2019
Not only did shoppers make their way to Nichol’s Supermarket on Christmas Eve to buy their fresh produce and those last minute grocery items, they came for the fresh meats. The meat room fulfilled hundreds of orders on Christmas Eve alone.

“We love Nichol’s and their fresh meats,” said Mary and Rick Burzynski, local shoppers.

“They’ve got actual meat cutters…A lot of places don’t have actual meat cutters anymore,” said Mike Barbato, shopper.

“Christmas is fun because so many families have a very traditional menu. And I think it’s a challenge, could be a challenge, or might be a challenge for any grocer to fill everyone’s desires but we have a lot of fun doing it and thank God we can,” said Hennigan.

“I love it. I enjoy the Christmas time. Everyone’s hustle and bustle, and everyone’s in a great mood so we get all our regular customers who are like family so, it’s really a fun time here,” said Giamartino.

Those families keep coming back year after year.

“It makes me feel very proud and it makes me feel very proud of the people I work with, and it makes me feel proud of the people that receipted us so that we’re still here today,” said Hennigan.

Nichol’s Supermarket will be closed on Christmas Day, the only day of the year where they shut down for the holiday.

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw a pair of touchdown passes in a “special” 36-20 win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday that likely will be the final home start of his Giants career.

The game ended with Manning being pulled to a standing ovation with 1:50 remaining. As fans chanted his name, the two-time Super Bowl winner got emotional on the sideline.

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“Obviously, I don’t know what the future is. I don’t know what lies next week, let alone down the road,” Manning said after completing 20 of 28 passes for 283 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions. “Obviously, the support and the fans, their ovation, chanting my name from the first snap to the end, I appreciate that. I appreciate them always and all my teammates coming up to me. It’s a special day, a special win and one I’ll remember.”

This wasn’t a normal December game for two teams entering with a combined five wins. It was a potential farewell at MetLife Stadium for the most accomplished quarterback in Giants history.

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Eli Manning waves to the crowd after the win. Al Bello/Getty Images
Manning’s family, including his parents, his wife and their four young children, attended the contest. Manning’s three young daughters greeted him in the tunnel as he jogged off the field. Manning then soaked in the moment and held his infant son, Charlie, while his wife, overcome with emotion, watched from a few feet away before he strutted into the locker room.

“It’s special. I think it’s special that my kids get to come and watch some games,” Manning said. “I don’t remember my dad playing at all. He retired when I was 4 years old. My brothers have memories. They always kind of talked about it, in the locker room, around games, and I don’t remember. So I try to bring my kids around as much as possible, bring them to some games. I know my youngest son won’t remember any of it, but we’ll at least have a picture to show him one day.”

The day began when Manning received a standing ovation and fans chanted his name when he came onto the field for the Giants’ first drive. When it became apparent the 234th start of his career would likely end in a victory, he was pulled from the contest in favor of backup Alex Tanney.

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Giants’ Eli Manning, Golden Tate hook up for 51-yard TD pass
It was almost fitting that the Manning era ended with a win, evening his career regular-season record at 117-117, considering the success he had earlier in his career and the team’s struggles in recent years. The Giants (3-11) snapped a nine-game losing streak.

“It’s very important,” co-owner John Mara said of going out with a win. “You wanted to see him go out, if in fact he’s going out. You guys are making an assumption here. It’s just nice to see him smile in the locker room afterwards.”

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Manning gave a rare pregame speech and also addressed the team after the game. He finished with, “See you Wednesday,” thus declaring the following day Victory Monday. Mara even used the phrase “very emotional” to describe the day.

Running back Saquon Barkley and wide receiver Sterling Shepard said they turned to each other as they came onto the field for the opening possession.

“Let’s send him out on the right note. Do everything in our power,” Shepard said.

Barkley went out and had his first 100-yard rushing game since Week 2. He had multiple touchdowns for the first time this season.

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They knew the situation. This is what they wanted.

Tate makes bobbling catch, backpedals to finish off 51-yard TDGolden Tate hangs on to make a nice bobbling catch and takes off for the end zone, backpedaling at the end for a 51-yard score.
“If that is his last game and that’s the way we send Eli off, then that’s the way we envisioned doing [it]. I know I wanted to go out there and play my tail off, and I know those guys wanted to do the same, too, for No. 10,” Barkley said. “He’s meant so much to this city and to this franchise for such a long time. He’s a special person and a special player. If that is the way he gets sent off, I’m glad we were able to do it in a win and do it in that fashion.”

Not a bad sendoff if this was Manning’s final start on Sunday afternoon.

It just might be. Manning is set to become a free agent at the end of the season. Rookie Daniel Jones missed his second straight game Sunday with a high ankle sprain, but there seems to be a decent chance he returns next week when the Giants play on the road against the Washington Redskins.

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Jones, the No. 6 overall pick in this year’s draft, ditched the walking boot and practiced last week. He seemed to be moving well and said he felt “better,” even if he wasn’t all the way there. Manning even said afterward that Jones was getting close. Another seven days might be enough for him to be ready to get back on the field to face the Redskins and rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

In the meantime, he took in the festivities.

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“It was awesome,” Jones said. “It was awesome for him. I’m happy for him.”

Manning was making his second consecutive start in place of Jones. The Giants won for the first time in Manning’s four starts this season. It was just his ninth win in his past 36 starts.

“It’s good to be able to have Eli out there playing with us and help lead us to a victory,” coach Pat Shurmur said. “He’s certainly done many, many good things here for many, many years. For him to enjoy leading us to a victory should feel real special for him because of who he is.”

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It didn’t matter that it came against the struggling Dolphins (3-11). It made for a potential nice ending to a legendary Giants career.

“I tried not to get too emotional just because we still have a couple football games left,” Manning said. “I know I’ll still be back in the stadium. I don’t know if I’ll play that day, but I know I’ll get to run out one more time at least. But still excited. Excited for the win and an honor if it is the last one playing here where I’m starting and getting a win. Try to enjoy it and take it in for a moment.”

ASHBURN, Va. — Washington Redskins corner Josh Norman remains confident in his abilities — even if the team that once made him the highest paid corner doesn’t want him on the field.

The Redskins were forced to play him Sunday after two corners were injured during the game. Norman was in coverage on the Philadelphia Eagles’ winning touchdown pass in a 37-27 win Sunday. Norman played just six snaps, but it was the most he has played from scrimmage since he was benched after Week 11.

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However, when asked after the game if he still believes he’s an elite corner, Norman — talking about his situation for the first time since his benching — didn’t hesitate.

“I don’t believe anything,” Norman said. “I am. When you are something you don’t believe it, you go out and do it. Sucks that I can’t prove it right now, but formalities and situations, you’ve got to play the cards you’re dealt. That’s what it is. I was dealt a hand right now, and I’ve got to play it.”

Eagles wide receiver Greg Ward beat Josh Norman for the game-winning touchdown Sunday. AP Photo/Alex Brandon
Norman said he has resisted talking about his situation because he wanted to “take the high road.”

“I don’t think I’ve spoken in a long time just because I want to be prepared and everything, but I’ve been built up strong,” he said. “This has made me stronger. I will rise again for it, because that’s who I am.”

Norman has one year remaining on the five-year, $75 million deal he signed in 2016. The contract made him the NFL’s highest-paid corner. But the Redskins haven’t received the high level of play they hoped for from Norman. He has not been voted to the Pro Bowl since signing with Washington. He made the Pro Bowl in 2015 with Carolina.

Norman has stayed upbeat.

“I’m blessed, man. I truly am,” he said. “Even in this situation, it may not look that way. Trust me. It ain’t no gray skies when I look out. Only thing is sunny. I’m looking forward to the time when we do touch that blade of grass again, and I’m going to do it in a big way. But like I said, I’ve been blessed. If I don’t play another snap, another down, that’s what it is.”

Norman said his focus has been on helping his teammates.

“I’m a guy who, when I shake your hand, when I signed, that’s what it is,” he said. “I’m going to do whatever they ask. I’m not going to buck the system. I know I could, but I choose not to because it’s grace.”

Interim coach Bill Callahan has said they wanted to play the younger players. Sunday, they used second-year Danny Johnson, who was just activated this week, ahead of Norman. They also used Aaron Colvin, an early-season pickup who played five snaps before Sunday.

“We’re not going to the playoffs. Everyone knows that,” Norman said, “so whatever [the coaches are] doing, they’re doing. There’s nothing I can do. I know it’s God’s grace to be in this situation, and I’m truly humbled by it. I really am. I think you’ve got to hold your head high no matter what the situation.”

The Redskins would save $12.5 million in cap space if they cut Norman after the season. There’s a chance they’ll not only have a new coach, but possibly new decision makers in the front office.

“I’m still under contract for a year, so we’ll see what happens,” he said. “Someone higher deals the cards, I just have to play the hand. I don’t deal those cards.”

As for the final play, Norman was covering receiver Greg Ward on a crosser. Safety Montae Nicholson, aligned on the opposite side, started to rush the passer but then stopped and retreated as if he was supposed to have stayed in coverage.

“You saw what happened,” Norman said. “I don’t think there’s nothing to follow up on. I’m not going to put nobody under the bus. That’s what we don’t do. So, what you see is what you get, and I’m going to leave it at that.”