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In September 2017, Randy Stafford walked into a public forum of the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority (JPPHA), prepared to ask several questions about the public safety and environmental impacts of the future toll road that will run through northwest Arvada.

Those questions would lead him to months of presentations, discussions and plans — and, naturally, more questions — after that first meeting prompted Stafford to apply for the Jefferson Parkway Advisory Committee (JPAC).

“I decided on the spur of the moment, ‘I’m going to be on this committee,’” he said. “And the reason I was applying was public safety.”

JPAC was a committee of community members, formed by the JPPHA, to give feedback on parkway plans. JPAC’s work culminated with official recommendations made to the JPPHA board in November 2018.

Stafford’s concerns — which include environmental changes and plutonium contamination along the portion of the parkway next to Rocky Flats — echo the concerns of some in the Jefferson County community. Those community members question what the coming construction and permanent parkway will mean for nearby citizens, wildlife and future generations.

Effects of a roadway
For Colorado State University Professor Emeritus David Hendricks, who lives near 80th Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard, the Jefferson Parkway represents “an irreversible change in the environment,” he said.

“The freeway will permanently mar the present incomparable scenic vistas, as seen, for example, while driving C-93,” he said. “Such mountain views are unique to Colorado and a major reason that people are attracted to our environment.”

To be sure, views in Arvada will change near the highway, which will be four lanes wide and roughly 10 miles long.

But the proponents and planners behind the parkway have stood by its location, saying a purpose of the road is to fill in the last remaining gap of the beltway that loops around the Denver area.

One parkway planner, David Jones, an Arvada city councilmember and chairman of the JPPHA board, acknowledged the potential landscape changes the parkway will bring — he’ll be able to see the parkway from his backyard in Leyden Rock, he said. But for him, the benefits of the location warrant the change.

“It will help to move traffic around the city, and it’s a piece of the puzzle that needs to be completed,” he said.

He added that the board has taken JPAC recommendations, including requiring sound and light mitigation along the part of the road near Leyden Rock, to address citizens’ concerns.

Jones’ neighbors will likewise find themselves living on the edge of the parkway, with some of their houses less than 200 feet from the road, according to a calculation by Leyden Rock resident Brett Vernon based on a map of the proposed parkway.

An update on the City and County of Broomfield’s website on Sept. 1 indicated that the construction of the Jefferson Parkway — which earlier this year seemed to be on the horizon — is farther away than anticipated.

The post went up days after the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority (JPPHA) alerted the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to its findings that some soil in the parkway’s planned route tested for elevated levels of plutonium.

“Given the recent test results and the (Broomfield) Council’s feedback, the Parkway is not moving forward at this time,” the statement reads.

The finding was part of a soil study the JPPHA launched in May, which was driven by several factors, including community member concerns about the road’s proposed path near the former Rocky Flats site. Community groups Rocky Flats Right to Know, the Rocky Flats Downwinders and others have worried that the toll road’s construction will stir up plutonium buried near the site, putting nearby citizens at higher risk of developing cancer.

Because of these health concerns, Broomfield City Council members planned to hold a discussion and vote on whether to continue the city’s membership in the JPPHA and fund roughly $2 million extra requested for the project this year. Broomfield is one of three JPPHA members, along with the City of Arvada and Jefferson County.

Broomfield had tentatively scheduled its decision for September. However, plans changed after the discovery of a potential plutonium hotspot along Indiana Street.

“The soil sample was no surprise to me. Plutonium doesn’t go away,” said Bonnie Graham-Reed with Rocky Flats Right to Know. Areas surrounding Rocky Flats, like Indiana Street, were “never `cleaned up’ – there was no cleanup, except at the actual plant site.”

In its update, Broomfield said the discussion will not occur this month as the city awaits more information about plutonium levels in the area.

“There are no on-going activities to further the selection of a private partner for the Jefferson Parkway,” the statement said, which goes on to say that the city has no scheduled ordinances nor resolutions regarding the parkway, aside from possible financial support for more testing.

Looming city election

The delay represents just one link in a chain reaction of setbacks: though the JPPHA had aimed to select a private partner to run the road this summer, the authority has waited on Broomfield’s decision; and though Broomfield had wanted to make its decision in September, the council has postponed discussion until the JPPHA’s soil sampling test is complete.

Broomfield Mayor Randy Ahrens holds the decision “was directly related to wanting to get better data” on the soil samples, disputing the claim that the delay had anything to do with the upcoming election.

But some opponents, such as Jeff Staniszewski and those in his group, the Movement to Stop Jefferson Parkway, question the timing of the Broomfield delay.

“We believe the Broomfield City Council would have voted down the appropriation (of the additional $2 million),” he said. “The mayor has pulled the proposal for the time being knowing the November elections might result in a Jefferson-Parkway-friendly city council.”

Mayor Ahrens disputes such a motivation.

“I’ve heard that a few times and find the claim nonsensical,” Ahrens said. “Now that we have experienced an anomaly, we are looking for guidance from the CDHPE after the test results are presented.”

As for when that might be, the analysis of every sample — there are more than 200 — “will not be completed until late this year,” said Bill Ray, the executive director of the JPPHA. “The lab can only process 40 samples at a time and the analysis takes at least three weeks.”

In a public statement, Ray said that, even with recent events, “the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority Board of Directors has taken no action to change its approach to next steps with the Parkway. After the Board has the results of all samples and received appropriate direction from CDPHE, it will determine next steps for the highway and its process of selecting a contractor.”

Brett Vernon, founder of community group Neighbors of the Parkway, said that many may find the situation and plutonium discovery troubling, himself and his fellow group members included.

However, to him, time will ultimately tell whether the plans are safe or not, he said.

“The JPPHA has stated that the health of the community is paramount, and so far their actions are fully supportive of that statement,” he said. “Utilization of independent experts will be important to (ensure) that environmental concerns related to Rocky Flats are understood.”

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According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bears added two voidable years to Fuller’s deal — which extends the length of his contract to 2023. He’ll receive a $7.5 million option bonus and a $4.5 million base salary in 2020 instead of a $7 million base salary and $6 million in bonuses.

What does all this mean? His 2020 cap hit will be $6 million less (from $17.5 million to $11.5 million) than it was before the new contract.

It’s a creative manipulation of contract terms by Bears GM Ryan Pace. Fuller’s re-worked deal, plus the potential decision to move on from fellow cornerback Prince Amukamara (the Bears can save $9 million if they decide to part ways), will immediately put them in a much better salary-cap position entering free agency.

Chicago can save another $8.1 million if they decline the option year in guard Kyle Long’s contract, too.

With needs at tight end, offensive line and potentially quarterback — all high-priced free-agent targets — the Bears need as much spending power as possible. In order to get there, moves like Pace made with Fuller, as well as more emotional decisions to end player-tenures with the team, will continue to take place over the coming weeks.

The Bears carved out some cap room, with a little help from Kyle Fuller. The team added two voidable years to the cornerback’s contract, creating some fiscal flexibility in 2020, as Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune writes.

Fuller’s original contract ran through 2021 with $13M coming in 2020 and a cap hit of $17.5M. In the revised pact, he’ll get a $7.5M option bonus, prorated over five years. Meanwhile, his base salary for 2020 will go down to $4.5M, lowering his cap hit to $11.5M. All in all, it means $6M in additional cap room for the Bears as they retool their roster in the spring. Then, in 2021, Fuller’s cap hit will jump from $18.5M to $20M.

As of this writing, the Bears have about $16M in cap space. They’ll likely shed some other veteran contracts between now and the start of free agency, giving them more room to work with.

Fuller, 28 in February, earned Pro Bowl and First-Team All-Pro nods for his work in 2018, including a league-leading seven interceptions. In 2019, he started in all 16 games and came away with three INTs.

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Joseph Louis Neal, a 39-year-old black man, died Sunday, May 20, after he was shot in the 8500 block of Cimarron Street in Manchester Square, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records.

About 10:30 p.m. on May 19, Neal along with a group of more than 30 people, were gathered at a car wash and strip mall at a candlelight vigil for a person who died in federal prison of natural causes, said Los Angeles Police Det. Chris Barling.

A dark-colored sedan approached, driving north on Cimarron Street from Manchester Avenue, and a person fired multiple rounds, striking Neal and Shauntrell Darnell Matthews Jr., 21, Barling said.

The car continued north, police said. Neal was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 4:16 a.m. the next day. Matthews was pronounced dead at 10:38 p.m. at the scene, according to coroner’s records.Louis Neal Jersey For Sale

Investigators are looking into whether a gang in the area may have targeted the group because they assumed the group was part of a rival gang, Barling said. The vigil being held was for a gang member, officials said.

Anyone with information is asked to call detectives at (323) 786-5113. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.

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The last decade of football at Kansas State has been rather exciting for fans, players and coaches alike. Between a Big 12 Championship, a few major upsets and some bowl wins, there has been a lot to cheer about as a Wildcat fan.

Bill Snyder 2.0 led the Wildcats through the majority of this decade, and then Chris Klieman came in for the final year of the decade. Between the two coaches, K-State compiled an 81-47 record and reached nine bowl games, including this year’s Liberty Bowl appearance, which is just a few days away. There has been tons to cheer for as K-State fans. And that’s largely because of the players on the field.

We cracked open the history books, looked back at some of the best careers for players over the last ten years of K-State football and decided which players have left the biggest impact on the K-State football program.

With the decade ending in just a few days, here is a look back at the all-time starting defense over the last decade at K-State:


Jordan Willis
Former defensive end Jordan Willis
(Photo: Peter G. Aiken, Getty)
Jordan Willis goes down as one of the toughest forces to stop on a K-State defensive line in history. At 6-foot-4 and 255 pounds, Willis finished his career with 113 tackles, 39.5 for loss, and 25.5 sacks to push for the top of the list in school history. Willis was named a Second Team All-American, a First Team All-Big 12 player and the Big 12 Defensive Player and Defensive Lineman of the year.


Ryan Mueller
(Photo: Scott Sewell)
Throughout his career in Manhattan, Ryan Mueller caused headaches for opposing offensive linemen. He had 116 tackles in his career (60 of which came in 2013 alone), 28.5 for loss and 16.5 sacks. Mueller was a First Team All-Big 12 selection in 2013 and 2014, a Second Team All-American in 2013, the Big 12 Defensive Lineman of the Year in 2013 and Honorable Mention Defensive Lineman of the Year in the Big 12 in 2014.


Former defensive tackle Travis Britz
For three consecutive years, Travis Britz found a way to blow up plays from his defensive tackle spot. He steadily improved over his career, finishing with 111 tackles, 24.5 for loss and 10 sacks. As a sophomore and junior, Britz was an Honorable Mention All-Big 12 pick, and then a Second Team All-Big 12 pick in 2015. He is now back in Manhattan as a graduate assistant on Chris Klieman’s staff.


Will Geary was a handful for opposing lines
(Photo: Steve Adelson, 247Sports)
Nobody expected a walk-on from Topeka to make as much of an impact as Will Geary did, but for four years, Geary proved people wrong. A four-year starter, Geary totaled 164 tackles, 25.5 for loss and 11 sacks. Throughout his career, he was First Team All-Big 12 three times, First Team All-American in 2017 and an Honorable Mention pick for Big 12 Defensive Lineman of the Year in 2017.

Title/Alt Text
Former linebacker Arthur Brown
(Photo: Kevin Hoffman)
Although he was only at K-State for two seasons, Arthur Brown might be in the mix for the best defensive player of the decade in Manhattan. Over just two seasons, Brown had 201 tackles, 16.5 for loss and three sacks. Brown was the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year, First Team All-American and First Team All-Big 12 in 2012, as well as First Team All-Big 12 and Big 12 Defensive Newcomer of the Year in 2011.

Title/Alt Text
Elijah Lee was one of the better recruits in the 2014 class for K-State
(Photo: Scott Sewell, USA TODAY Sports)
Perhaps no defensive player bust onto the scene faster than Elijah Lee did. Taking the field as a true freshman in 2014, he went from 19 tackles, to 80, to 110 in his three-year career before going to the NFL. Lee finished with 209 tackles, 18.5 for loss and 11 sacks. He was Honorable Mention Big 12 Freshman of the Year in 2014, First Team All-Big 12 and Honorable Mention Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year in 2016.


Former defensive back Randall Evans
(Photo: Scott Sewell, USA TODAY Sports)
As Randall Evans got older, nobody wanted to throw his way. He went from no interceptions as a freshman, to one as a sophomore, two as a junior and then four his senior year. Evans also recorded 210 tackles, 10.5 for loss, and two sacks. He was a First Team All-Big 12 selection in 2014 and then picked in the sixth round of the NFL Draft.


Nigel Malone came to Kansas State from the junior college ranks and logged back-to-back significant numbers for interceptions.
(Photo: 247Sports)
After transferring in from junior college, Nigel Malone had a stellar career, even if it was just two years in Manhattan. He totaled 109 tackles and 12 interceptions, seven in 2011 and then five in 2012. Malone was a First Team All-Big 12 pick and Third Team All-American in 2011, and then was named Second Team All-Big 12 and was an Honorable Mention All-American in 2012.


Former cornerback D.J. Reed
(Photo: Emily Starkey, 247Sports)
Another junior college transfer, D.J. Reed was nothing short of a lockdown defender in his career. He had seven interceptions over his two-year career, while also recording 125 tackles, five of which were for loss. Reed was First Team All-Big 12 and the Big 12 Defensive Newcomer of the year in 2016. As a junior in 2017, He was a First Team All-Big 12 and Second Team All-American pick, as a defensive back alone. That doesn’t count his multiple special teams awards.

Title/Alt Text
Former safety Dante Barnett
After being forced onto the field at a young age because of injuries to other players, Dante Barnett blossomed into a special defensive back at K-State. He finished with eight interceptions, four of which came in 2013 alone. He also had 242 tackles, 10.5 for loss, and one sack. Barnett was the Defensive MVP of the 2013 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, Second Team All-Big 12 in 2014 and Third Team All-Big 12 in 2016.


Ty Zimmerman
From the start of his career until the end of it, Ty Zimmerman was always a force to be reckoned with. He had 13 interceptions in his career, two of which were returned for scores. He recorded 257 tackles, 11 of which were for loss. Zimmerman was an All-Big 12 selection all four years, including twice as a First Team pick, Second Team All-American twice and an Honorable Mention Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year pick.

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GPCs All-Decade Starting Defense at K-State
Why spring practice will be crucial for K-State quarterbacks
WVU losing another assistant coach
Risner named to PFF All-Rookie team
Ten burning questions for K-State in 2020
Why spring practice will be crucial for K-State quarterbacks
By D. SCOTT FRITCHENFri Jan 03 2020

Although Skylar Thompson heads toward his senior season and could become the first quarterback in Kansas State history to pass for 6,000 yards and rush for 1,000 more in a career, the experience level is low among the other quarterbacks, as the Wildcats creep toward spring football.

That makes the winter and spring important for Nick Ast, Jaren Lewis and soon-to-be-arriving mid-year enrollee Will Howard, the 19th-rated pro-style quarterback in the 2020 class.

“It’ll be interesting because this spring will be a huge, huge spring for us,” K-State offensive coordinator Courtney Messingham said. “Obviously, Nick and Jaren need to have really, really good springs. Skylar can still grow, especially mentally, of who we are offensively. Then we’re going to obviously have (Howard), who will be here this spring, and that’ll give him a jump ahead as far as trying to learn the offense and trying to feel comfortable in his skin when he’s making calls.

“It’ll be an important spring for us from a quarterback standpoint.”

The K-State quarterback room gradually shrank during the 2019 season as John Holcombe, the 13th-best dual-threat quarterback in the Class of 2018, and Chris Herron, the nation’s 11th-rated dual-threat quarterback in the Class of 2019, each entered the transfer portal in a span of three months.

“The transfer portal affects our position a lot more than other people’s just because there’s one guy playing,” Thompson said. “It’s not a patient world.”

However, the K-State quarterback world appears to be getting exciting, for all of the right reasons, as the Wildcats prepare for the future.

As Thompson prepares for his senior season in 2020, Chris Klieman on Wednesday picked up a verbal commitment from 6-foot-3, 205-pound Jake Rubley, a native of Littleton, Colo., the No. 141-rated player overall in the 2021 Class and No. 10-rated pro-style quarterback by 247Sports. Rubley, in carrying a 0.9479 rating by the industry-generated 247Sports Composite, would be the highest-rated quarterback to sign at K-State since Josh Freeman (0.9583) in 2006.

As K-State focuses on the 2020 season, the emphasis goes to the further development of Ast, Lewis and Howard.

Ast completed 3-of-3 passes for 28 yards during the 2019 season and quarterbacks coach Collin Klein in October said that he was “very confident” in Ast’s ability to lead the offense if necessary.

“He’s got some different skill sets than Skylar does and we’d make the game plan fit those skill sets,” Klein said. “I can promise you there’s no one that prepares harder than Nick. He’s up there every single night after practice watching all of the tape and studying his butt off. We’ll go to work.”Ty Zimmerman Jersey For Sale


The 6-foot-1, 207-pound Lewis joined the Wildcats in the early signing period in 2018. A second-team all-state selection out of Battle (Mo.) High School, Lewis threw for 2,895 yards and 25 touchdowns while rushing for 700 yards and 11 scores after leading the Spartans to the Class 5 state semifinals. Lewis also threw for 1,962 yards and 21 touchdowns as a junior and finished his career with 980 rushing yards.

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – Three Lowcountry natives had their names called as they seek another chance in pro football during the 1st day of the XFL Draft on Tuesday.

John’s Island native Edmond Robinson, Wando alum Gimel President and Beaufort alum Devin Taylor each will be getting a shot in the league being revamped by WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

Robinson was the first to be selected during the afternoon. The St. John’s alum and former Newberry star was taken in the 3rd round of the Defensive Front portion of the draft with the 6th pick by the Houston Roughnecks. Robinson, who had stints in the NFL after college with the Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals will be playing in his 2nd different league in 2 years. He was part of the short-lived Alliance of American Football (AAF) earlier this season.

President was taken in the 7th round of the Defensive Front draft by the St. Louis Battlehawks. President, who played collegiately at Auburn and Illinois, has had stints in the NFL with the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans.

Finally Taylor was taken with the last pick of the Defensive Front portion of the draft, the 8th pick of the 10th round by the Tampa Bay Vipers. 2nd team All-SEC back in 2010 at South Carolina, Taylor would play 5 seasons in the NFL with the Detroit Lions and New York Giants. He also played in the AAF this season for the Birmingham Iron.

Other notables taken on the 1st day include former Clemson offensive lineman Isaiah Battle who was taken by the Seattle Dragons and former South Carolina State OL Justin Evans who was picked by the Dallas Renegades.Edmond Robinson Jersey For Sale

The XFL is scheduled to begin play on February 8th, 2020.

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POCATELLO, Idaho — Several Pocatello residents say they’ve had unauthorized funds taken from their bank accounts — after the city’s billing system was hacked.

The Idaho State Journal reports Pocatello police say several people who pay their municipal utility bills online with a debit or credit card have reported losses ranging from thirty dollars to thousands of dollars.

Pocatello city spokesman Logan McDougall says the city is working with its billing system vendor, Click2Gov, to investigate the matter.

Police Sgt. Brian McClure says police discovered the security breach when they noticed similar unauthorized payments from California, while investigating several fraud cases.

City officials won’t release details of the timeline of the hack, citing the ongoing investigation. In a prepared statement, city officials said they are working with the contractor and cybersecurity experts to determine the scope of the hack.

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Former Miami Hurricanes cornerback Phillip Buchanon, a member of the historic 2001 national championship team, was one three football players and eight new members overall announced as inductees in the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame 2020 class on Monday, Sept. 30, 2019.
Former Miami Hurricanes cornerback Phillip Buchanon, a member of the historic 2001 national championship team, was one three football players and eight new members overall announced as inductees in the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame 2020 class on Monday, Sept. 30, 2019. (ROBERT DUYOS / Sun Sentinel)
The University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame announced its eight-member 2020 class on Monday.

Three football players — Jay Brophy, Phillip Buchanon and Kevin Williams — were added, along with Yasmani Grandal (baseball), Johnny Hemsley (men’s basketball), Brittney Steinbruch (women’s soccer), Laura Vallverdu (women’s tennis) and Mike Ward (track and field).

“What an amazing 2020 class we are inducting into the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame,” said hall president Richard Horton. “These outstanding athletes will be honored at our induction banquet next spring. We invite all Hurricane fans to join us in welcoming this latest class.”

The 52nd annual induction banquet date in the spring will be announced at a later time. The inductees will be introduced in an on-field ceremony at the end of the first quarter of the Miami-Virginia Tech football game at Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday.

Brophy (1979, 81-83) was the heart and soul of the defense for the 1983 national championship-winning Hurricanes. That season, the linebacker who was named a first-team All-American by The Football News led the team with 133 tackles and three interceptions after also amassing a team-high 135 tackles in 1982. He was selected by the Miami Dolphins in the second round of the 1984 NFL draft and played four professional seasons.

[Popular in Sports] Miami Dolphins get close-up look at Tua Tagovailoa before bowl game with his draft decision set for Monday »
Buchanon (1999-2001) was a starting cornerback on the historic 2001 national championship team. Also big in the return game, Buchanon was Big East Special Teams Player of the Year that season, was named an All-American as a punt return specialist by ABC Sports after averaging 14.9 yards per punt return and returning two for touchdowns. Buchanon was a first-round pick in the 2002 NFL draft and posted 20 interceptions over 10 pro seasons with five teams.

Williams (1990-92) was an explosive kick returner who was named first-team All-American by The Sporting News in 1991. Also the Big East Special Teams Player of the Year that season, Williams holds the school’s single-game record of 217 return yards in a game against Penn State. He went on to win two Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys.

“Anytime you’re a college football Hall of Famer anywhere — but certainly at the University of Miami as a football player — certainly, you’re in high company with those guys, so congratulations to all three,” Hurricanes coach Manny Diaz said Monday.

Grandal (2008-10) was the ACC Player of the Year in baseball in 2010 as he led the conference in batting average (.401), on-base percentage (.527) and slugging percentage (.721). That year, he was named an All-American by three different publications, won the Gold Glove award at catcher and was a finalist for the Golden Spikes Award, Johnny Bench Award and Dick Howser Award.

Hemsley (1996-2000) helped the Hurricanes reach four consecutive postseason appearances in men’s basketball. He was named first-team All-Big East and the conference’s Most Improved Player as a junior that averaged 17.8 points, 4.7 rebounds and 2.3 assists in 1998-99. He holds eight school records for career NCAA Tournament play, including points, field goals made and 3-pointers.

Steinbruch (2007-10) was ACC Freshman of the Year in women’s soccer in 2010 when she also became Miami’s first All-ACC first-team selection. She holds school records for career points (80), goals (36), shots (325) and game-winning goals (15).

[Popular in Sports] Deerfield Beach star wide receiver Bryce Gowdy dies »
Vallverdu (2007-10) was a five-time All-American (four singles, one doubles) in women’s tennis. She won the 2010 Honda Sports Award as the nation’s top player in the sport, as well as the 2010 Arthur Ashe Sports Scholar Award. Leaving UM as the school’s all-time record holder in singles victories (131) and total victories (236), she is now third and second in the two categories, respectively.

Ward (1992-2008) was Miami’s head men’s track and field coach from 1997 until his retirement in 2008 after serving six years as an assistant coach for both men’s and women’s cross-country and track and field teams. He was Big East Coach of the Year in 1998 while helping fellow hall member Davian Clarke to the national title in the 400 meters. Ward coached 30 Big East/ACC conference champions and seven All-Americans and coached UM football greats on the track, including Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Ed Reed and Devin Hester.

With the additions, the UMSHOF now has 334 student-athletes members.

George Thornton Jersey For Sale

HE might have expected an ‘average’ turnout, but the gathering to say goodbye to George Thornton was so much more than that.

It was standing room only at Walton Lea Crematorium, and for many that meant outside the chapel, as the life of much-loved George was celebrated at his funeral.

Warrington Guardian:

The former Warrington Wolves and Warrington Borough Council photographer, who was chairman of the Warrington Players’ Association, was well-known for his one-liners especially remarking ‘average’ after taking group photographs.

George, who played in the second-row of Wire’s A team back in the 70s and joined Alex Murphy’s backroom staff after retiring through injury, would have been amazed by his pulling power today.

He arrived at Walton Lea through a guard of honour set by the entire current Warrington Wolves playing and coaching staff, who had cycled to Walton Lea during the closing stages of their 36-hour Christmas community challenge.

They rubbed shoulders with some Wire greats of the past, including former Great Britain internationals Adrian Morley, Ken Kelly, Jon Clarke, Ronnie Duane and Mike Nicholas as respects were paid to a 74-year-old man who had clearly touched so many hearts.

George was carried into the chapel to Elbow’s One Day Like This and his daughter Kerry was followed by several friends and colleagues in paying emotional and funny tributes to his life and work.

Each and every verse of the anthemic rugby league hymn Abide With Me was as uplifting as it was teary.

Some very big and tough men were seen welling up before the final goodbye music, Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, started to play.

George’s wife Diane, his family and friends all headed to The Halliwell Jones Stadium to continue paying respects and sharing tales of George, who loved nothing more than to tell a good story himself.

Daniel Te’o-Nesheim Jersey For Sale

Signing Day is here! And along with it are our picks for who we are excited to see when they step on campus ahead of the 2020 season.

Again, this isn’t a poll of who we think the best players are – although it could be. This is a list of the five signees that are our favorites. We didn’t consult each other, we just went with our gut and looked at the list and ran with it.

So without further ado, here are the players we’re looking forward to seeing in the Purple and Gold.

Kim Grinolds – CEO

1. Jalen McMillan

Has all the tools you’re looking for in a big-time, go-to receiver. Paired with Puka Nacua, the future is bright at receiver.

2. Myles Murao

If the hype is real, he could be special. Many expect him to step in right away. That speaks volumes when you look at the depth of talent waiting in the wings along the offensive line.

3. Gaard Memmelaar

I’ve seen him on the sidelines before games numerous times over the past few years. But when he showed up on the sidelines this year in September…whoa! He got big. He doesn’t talk to the media and the scouts haven’t really seen much of him. Could be the sleeper of the class.

4. Jay’Veon Sunday

There’s just something about the way he runs. I can’t describe it, but watch his film. You’ll see it.

5. Mark Redman

I like 6-foot-6 tight ends. Good chance he’ll be another graduate of TE U to the NFL.

Mark Redman (Photo: Patrick Yew, 247Sports)

Chris Fetters – Editor

1. Sav’ell Smalls

How can you not get excited about arguably the best pure rushing talent since the times of Manase Hopoi, and before him, Jason Chorak? It really has been that long. Yes, guys like Hau’oli Kikaha and Daniel Te’o-Nesheim were hard-working, productive players, but Smalls has the chance to be a true game-changer.

2. Myles Murao

A potential four-year starter at center, he’s that tough and talented. If it wasn’t for injury last year, he’d be a sure-fire 5-star stud. As it stands, he’s still a stud.

3. Jay’Veon Sunday

Washington hasn’t had a consistent bigger back since the days of Rich Alexis. Lavon Coleman had a chance, but couldn’t get beyond Myles Gaskin’s shadow. We’ll see how Sunday fares, but if his film is any indication he could be that guy.

4. Ethan Garbers

Obviously the quarterback is a featured recruit, but in Greg Biggins’ estimation, no one’s recruiting stock improved more over the course of the year than Garbers. And he won a state title. These are good things, UW fans.

5. Triston Brown

I’m going to bet no one would pick Triston Brown outside of me, but all you have to do is go back to the 2016 Peach Bowl to show how a punter can single-handedly affect a football game. And the Huskies got the best juco punter in the country, so I can’t wait to see if his leg matches his resume.

Triston Brown (center)

Scott Eklund – Recruiting Editor

1. Jalen McMillan

Probably the reason he is the top guy in my view is because of how he can impact the team from the get-go as well as continuing to show that Junior Adams has the chops to go into any room and get the best players to come play for him.

2. Myles Murao

I love Murao as a player and as a person. He just loves talking football and hanging out. We did that at some camps last spring as he was continuing to recover from a lower-leg injury. That being said, he’s a mauler and if he were taller, he’d be a sure-fire left tackle at the collegiate level. He’s going to be one of the anchors for the offensive line for the next three or four years.

3. Jay’Veon Sunday

Washington needed to continue to bring in physical runners who can get downhill and break tackles. Sunday is that kid. He’s special and his story, when it eventually is told in full, is pretty amazing.

4. Jacobe Covington

Jimmy Lake loves him some big dudes to play corner and Covington (as well as Elijah Jackson and James Smith) fits that bill perfectly. Another reason I love the Covington commit is because he wavered for a bit, but realized Washington was the best place for him and came back into the fold.

5. Mark Redman

I think Redman is a sure-fire two or three year starter for the Huskies. He’s big, he can run really well and he’s got soft hands. He also loves to smash defensive ends and linebackers as a run-blocker. He’s a perfect fit in Washington’s offense and I think he’ll be a huge asset for the offense very quickly.

Jalen McMillan
Jalen McMillan (Photo: 247Sports)

Jack McCauley – Intern

1. Sav’ell Smalls

The crown jewel of this class. Is able to light up opposing teams’ backfields with first round upside.

2. Jay’Veon Sunday

I’m very high on Sunday. His change of direction is unbelievable and already has great strength. After a redshirt year this kid could be scary.

3. Jalen McMillan

An instant playmaker for a receiving core that lacks playmaking ability. His speed, hands, and overall football smarts show when you put on his film. When it’s all said and done, McMillan has the ability to become one of the best receivers that has came out of Montlake.

4. Cooper McDonald

This might as well be BBK’s younger brother by the way this kid locates the football. His football smarts and IQ is off the charts. This is a perfect system for McDonald where he looks to be used similarly to BBK by the way he tackles and reads offenses.

5. Myles Murao

It’s a tall order to replace an all league, 4-year starter in Nick Harris, but I don’t think Murao will miss a beat. He’s gritty and is very athletic for his size having played at tackle in HS. There’s a reason he’s the best center in the country for his class, and it will show early as he’s the next great Husky O-lineman.

Myles Murao (Photo: 247Sports)
George Johnson – Intern

1. Jalen McMillan

I love this kid. He feels like the next star receiver for UW, especially considering his unwavering love for the school since he committed. I have high hopes for Jalen.

2. Sav’ell Smalls

Not only is Smalls an absolute freak on the field, but he is UW’s third highest recruit ever. The fact that he stayed home (even after Petersen’s departure) could pay dividends for big recruits from Seattle for years to come. Can’t wait to see him suit up.

3. Rome Odunze

Personally, I think Rome is underrated. His stature, stats and accolades in high school are a rare thing to find, I think that when he gets here, people are going to see he is the real deal.

4. Jacobe Covington

I love that Jacobe de and re-committed. This is a hard process, and the fact that he knows for sure now makes me think he will buy in to the program even more. I’d be surprised if this kid isn’t declaring for the draft in Byron Murphy fashion in a few years.

5. Roger Rosengarten

This kid is legit. I cannot wait to see him in the purple and gold, especially considering he chose UW over his other top two school, Oregon. It seems he has already bonded with other UW recruits, and I see him really succeeding as a Husky.

Chief Toorock Jersey For Sale

The New York Times Sports department is revisiting the subjects of some compelling articles from the last year or so. Here is our June report on a deadly incident that followed the N.F.L. draft.

When the difficult moments come, and there have been a number of them over the past eight months, Corey Ballentine often finds inspiration in remembering his best friend, Dwane Simmons.

The two were defensive backs and inseparable teammates at Washburn University in Topeka, Kan., until the April night when Simmons was cut down in a hail of gunfire. The shooting happened only hours after Ballentine was drafted by the New York Giants, and it was as if Ballentine had lost a twin brother.

During their four years in college, Simmons had always been there for Ballentine. He had an infectious sense of humor that popped up everywhere — on the playing field, in the apartment they shared — and he would put the joking aside to encourage Ballentine to persevere through tough practices and classes.

Then came the shooting. A few months later, Ballentine was in class again, but this time at the Giants’ training facility in New Jersey as he tried to figure out how to hold his own as a rookie in the N.F.L.

And even if Ballentine could no longer call his friend to talk it through, as they had done so often in college, Simmons’s photo was right there on Ballentine’s smartphone as the wallpaper every time he turned it on.

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“I think about things he would say to me when we went through tough times,” Ballentine said in a recent telephone interview. “Certain things remind me of him, and I’m like, wow, he really did have a positive influence on my life and made me happy. It gives me inspiration to keep moving forward.”

ImageA tribute to Dwane Simmons at his father’s house.
A tribute to Dwane Simmons at his father’s house.Credit…Barrett Emke for The New York Times
Ballentine was wounded in the April 28 shooting, which occurred just a few blocks from Washburn’s campus. He and Simmons, who were 23 at the time, had been out with other teammates celebrating Ballentine’s selection by the Giants in the sixth round of the N.F.L. draft. They had just left a school party with athletes from other teams when a group of men rolled up in a car.

The police and witness accounts said the athletes told the men to move on. The car lurched forward, then stopped, and dozens of shots rang out, apparently from someone inside the car.

Ballentine was struck in the backside, and after surgery and weeks of rehabilitation, he recovered in time to make the Giants’ roster — a notable accomplishment for a draft pick from a Division II college. Simmons was struck in the head and died.

For weeks no arrests were made, but it turned out the Topeka police had a suspect in custody. Francisco Alejandro Mendez, 18, had been arrested on May 1, three days after the shooting, accused of committing a series of aggravated robberies. Weeks later, Mendez was charged with the first-degree murder of Simmons and the attempted murder of Ballentine. He is awaiting trial in February.

In September, Ballentine was called to testify at a preliminary hearing in the case a day after he played in his first regular-season game, at Dallas. He returned two kicks and participated in nine defensive snaps that day, then flew to Topeka, accompanied by David Tyree, a former Giants wide receiver who is now the team’s director of player development.

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Ballentine testifying at a preliminary hearing in Topeka, Kan., in September.Credit…Phil Anderson/The Topeka Capital-Journal, via Associated Press
The hearing jolted Ballentine. Simmons’s family was in the courtroom, as was Mendez.

“It was very difficult,” Ballentine said of seeing the man accused of the shooting and “all the photos that I had to identify.” He continued: “It was really hard, man. And seeing Dwane’s family; the pain and sorrow I felt for them. There’s nothing I could do to make it better.”

Shaken, but determined to fulfill the dream that both he and Simmons shared, Ballentine returned to New York to resume the start of his career. As the season progressed, he showed enough talent and resolve to go from a special-teams player to a regular fifth defensive back, covering slot receivers, one of the most difficult jobs on the field. By Week 9, in a second engagement with the Cowboys, Ballentine was given regular defensive assignments.

From that point forward, he has played in at least two-thirds of the Giants’ defensive snaps in all but one game in which he has participated. Ballentine said the transition from Division II to the N.F.L. has required a significant leap on his part, but his coaches have noticed that he rarely makes the same mistake twice.

Even when Ballentine struggled for a stretch, the Giants retained their faith in him, as did Craig Schurig, Ballentine’s coach at Washburn. Schurig watched as many of Ballentine’s Giants games as he could this season. But he was also busy with his team and with efforts to increase safety and awareness in Topeka after the shooting.

“In the wake of what happened, the city of Topeka has really rallied around us,” Schurig said. “It has really kick-started an effort in the community to get some things cleaned up. It got some movement in the right direction.”

School administrators have also established a Dwane Simmons scholarship that will provide tuition assistance for up to 10 future students. And on Dec. 14, Navarro Simmons and Chaquilla Williams, Dwane’s parents, accepted his diploma at Washburn’s winter commencement ceremony.

“It was a good day,” Schurig said, “and the good days are hard to come by.”

During the season, several Washburn players who were close with Simmons and Ballentine honored Simmons by wearing his No. 17 jersey in games. But no one wore it on seniors day, and Simmons’s locker has remained untouched, serving as a memorial.

Schurig said that Simmons worked hard on the football field and in class and that the example he set would endure at the school. As it will for his best friend.

“I’m carrying him with me in spirit,” Ballentine said. “I know he’s always with me.”

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